Introducing Coleman’s New BlackOut Bedroom™ Tents

Introducing Coleman’s New BlackOut Bedroom Tents

Coleman are world renowned as innovators in the tent and camping equipment arena. They continue to push the envelope on technology and craftmanship, delivering intelligent products that offer comfort and security at affordable prices.

Their latest invention sees the introduction of a revolutionary new sleeping system called the BlackOut Bedroom™. Effectively, the BlackOut Bedroom™ raison d’être is the ability to block out 99% of daylight inside their tents. This makes the tents attractive to those who are particularly sensitive to daylight. The darker rooms will help light sleepers achieve a longer, more restful sleep than the average tent meaning that sleepers will be more than ready for the rigours of their trip in the morning.

The BlackOut Bedrooms™ also boasts large spacious rooms and unique climate control capabilities using fabric that can store the energy from the sun for cooler days and warmer nights. With the new BlackOut Bedrooms™, sleeping during your outdoor excursion has never felt so comfortable.

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