Fabulous Family Camping Sites in the UK

Fabulous Family Camping Sites in the UK


When the British summer comes around, there’s no better way to spend it than on a family camping trip. Camping holidays are an inexpensive way of spending some quality, relaxing time with loved ones. For adults, camping with kids is a chance to bond with their children whilst escaping their hectic work lives for a weekend. And for young campers, it’s an energy-sapping adventure that’s always educational, to boot.

But, with so many amazing campsites to choose from, where do you start looking for your ideal family camping experience? Well, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve trimmed the fat to leave you with the prime camping destinations the entire family can enjoy.

Best for Activities: Pentewan Sands in Cornwall

Pentewan Sands, Cornwall

Camping with kids can be tricky when it seems like there is so little to do. Resourceful carers can whip up camping games from something found in the surrounding area. But that just may not be enough stimulation for kids with lots of energy. Pentewan Sands Holiday Park on England’s picturesque coast is a wonderful solution to this dilemma.

This family camping park is conscious of keeping its guests entertained throughout their stay. Because of this, they pack their schedule with a selection of stunning entertainers and activities for all to enjoy. For those who want to relax and take in some talent, there’s a full seasonal programme of amazing performers and shows nightly.  And if you’d like something more dynamic, you can enjoy an array of pursuits including tennis, cycling and various water sports with expert tuition.

Once your action-packed day is through, you can make your way to the spacious campsite. Pentewan Sands accommodate campers who bring their own recreational shelter – whether that’s a tent or a caravan. The family camping site is situated close to the beautiful beach. You’ll be amongst a gathering of welcoming camping neighbours. But the best part is the service. Providing important amenities such as sanitation facilities, baby-changing facilities, disabled access and additional supplies, Pentewan Sands ticks several boxes.

Best for Camping Wild: Brockwell Wood Natural Camping in Tyne and Wear

Ever tried really roughing it for your family camping holiday? There are actually campsites that cater to campers who really want to leave civilisation and return to nature. Newcastle upon Tyne offers that agricultural hideaway you’ve been searching for.

Boasting 26 acres of woodland, Brockwell Wood gets down to the nitty-gritty of camping. This isn’t a furnished campsite full of activities and amenities everywhere. This is a calming back-to-the-bush experience where campers are completely responsible for yourselves and the environment. This means navigating rough ground to find a clearing, making your own food and composting your…leavings.

One thing they do provide you with, though, is some of their best cuts of meat to cook over an open fire. The wood is within a farm of livestock. Blaydon Burn Farm pride themselves on their beef and mutton & lamb cuts. So, if you fancy going the whole outdoors hog, then grab a few.

Whilst Brockwell Wood may not the most hospitable campsite for families camping with kids, the surroundings are no less interesting. There are farm animals frolicking, fascinating walks, a beautiful lake and the landowners keep a kennel of lovely spaniels they’d love you to meet. Admire it all for less than £10 per person.

Best for Caravanning: Grafham Water Caravan Club Site, Cambridgeshire

Grafham Water Caravan Club Site, Cambridgeshire

For a caravanning family camping holiday that offers a homely, vibrant environment, exciting activities and local amenities, Grafham Water’s a great choice. The site encircles a charming little cottage and offers a playground and safe open spaces for kids to play in. There is so much to offer in just six acres. This is one of those family camping holidays where you don’t have to leave the site in order to get through the trip.

Onsite, there is lots of greenery, local wildlife and areas to pitch, play and lounge for all the family. Not too far beyond it, you can try your hand at horse riding, cycling and carting, or play some golf or tennis. Alternatively, visit the nearby imperial War Museum or Duxford Air Museum to relish something that’s engaging in an informative way.

And should you run out of essential supplies, just try the local village shop to restock. This family camping destination is a real home away for home for families who want a comfortable outing.

Best for Seaside Camping: Shell Island in Snowdonia

Family camping on an island dedicated to camping. This giant peninsula is surrounded by luscious sand and calm waters for several acres making it an attractive seaside campsite. Provided you know the tide times, you can take full advantage of the seaside for some relaxation or events.

One of its most endearing features is that it hosts a budding community of campers throughout the seasons. It’s easy to make new friends there. But, with so much acreage, this is a place where you can also enjoy tranquillity.

Though it’s isolated from the nearby towns, there are enough facilities to ensure you make as much of your time on the island as possible. Shop at the local complex that includes a supermarket, leisure shop and a gift shop. Dine at one of the bars or Shell Island’s high quality restaurant. Try your hand at some fishing, boating, and even crabbing. Or just sample some of the local sites and attractions.

Best for Glamping: Wild in Style in the Lake District

Tailored for families who want a secure, eco-friendly environment whilst camping with kids, the Wild in Style outdoor adventure is true glamping. No expense is spared in making sure this is a family camping outing to remember, for all the right reasons. From choosing whether you’d like to arrive at the site by road, bus or boat, to deciding whether you want to camp in a specialised yurt, berber tent or repurposed gypsy wagons, campers are taken on a pleasant odyssey.

Each accommodation is stocked with features, tech and tools that’ll have you feeling like you never left the city. But the rural ambience is an endearing foil to that. Whether you’re family camping as a large group or small, each environmentally-friendly lodging promises cosy days and nights.

Still, camping holidays are all about venturing outdoors. And when you do, Wild in Style have little glam extras that make it a unique family camping spot. Instead of a hectic schedule of bawdy pursuits, Wild in Style slow things down with nature walks and holistic massages.