6 Beautiful Glamping Sites in the UK

6 Beautiful Glamping Sites in the UK

As the global trend of glamping grows significantly year on year, more and more glampers are searching for amazing glamping sites that offer great views, activities and facilities to enhance their camping experience.

For those of you who’re not yet au fait on what this relatively new phenomenon, glamping is, essentially, a more luxurious version of camping that is thoroughly conscious of how comfortable the campers will be throughout. So, whereas traditional camping is about enjoying a minimalist excursion, using few amenities and really “becoming one” with nature, glamping provides the comforts of home, and more, whilst still providing enough activity and appreciation of the great outdoors to really enjoy a great camping trip.

Glamping offers a lot of the same benefits as camping – privacy, serenity, space, adventure and splendiferous views – but fewer of the drawbacks, and this makes it a much more attractive prospect for a wider demographic of people who may have previously shied from the hassle of traditional camping.

Still, information on how to create a wonderful glamping holiday isn’t as congenial as the holidays themselves – particularly when searching for glamping sites that boast high quality hospitality for anything from honeymooning couples to vacationing families. Take a look at our recommendations and see if they meet your preferences.

Humble Bee Farm, North Yorkshire

Ideally located by an actual working farm in the Yorkshire Wolds, glamping at Humble Bee Farm is a fun, homey and interactive glamping holiday that offers fantastic activity and accommodation for the entire family (including the dog).

Boasting several different types of lodging (yurts, caravans, bell tents, cottages and wigwams), each stocked with the family-orientated facilities to ensure that the trip is as agreeable as possible for all, this is an affordable jaunt in the countryside with access to picturesque walks and the expansive sands of Filey Beach.

The good thing about Humble Bee Farm is that it is humble by both name and nature. It has the perfect blend of finery and rusticity to feel like you’re truly away from the machinations of modern domesticity and you’re into something that really appreciates the simple things in life. Importantly, and very noticeably, none of the accommodations proved a TV or a radio – d’you think they’re trying to tell us something?

Glampotel Bere Regis, Dorset

Described thoughtfully as ‘environmentally responsible eco-tourism, Glampotel offer a luxury camping experience that is as concerned with the preservation of its habitat as it is admiring it. Using specially-fitted en-suite Canvas Cottages that feature custom wooden furniture, comfortable hypo-allergenic and bio-degradable material and modern eco-friendly appliances, this one of a kind glamping holiday educates guests on the importance of sustainability of natural resources – and even encourages guests to add to the take part in the environmentally-friendly responsibilities by planting your own personal tree. There’s plenty to do on this wide glade, for both parents and their children, and extras such as additional beds for larger groups, and hampers & drinks packages can be purchased onsite too.

Wriggles Brook Gypsy B&B, Hertfordshire

Live the life of a traveller…well, at least look like you are at this unusual glamping holiday spot. As glamping sites go, this unconventional B&B is a wonderment of a hospitality that makes it a very fashionable luxury camping location for all types of glampers.

The Wriggles brook wagons sit in fairly secluded locations surrounded by the greenery of Wye Valley and its abundance of wildlife that you just don’t get to see in the UK’s big cities. Enjoy walking, canoeing, cycling, golf, horse riding, and so much more when you’re out and about; and when the day is through, return to high quality meals and majestic lots kitted with coal-burning stove, exterior furniture and tree swings. If you’re looking for particularly unusual glamping sites that are ideal for a bit of a romantic getaway, then this is glamping holiday could very well be the answer.

Futuristic Domes at Loveland Farm, Devon

5 immaculate pods dotted down a mile of beautiful coastline – Loveland Farm Camping is a glamping site that typifies how enjoyable and outrageous a glamping holiday can be. The futuristic modern geodesic ‘Crystal Maze’ style domes welcome, and have played host to, weddings and hen parties, catering to the events for an unforgettable outing. Though the area relies on guests exploring its natural beauty, you’ll never be too far from your typical connectivity with Wi-Fi and movie projectors available. But if you can tear yourself away from the artistic craftmanship of the placid domes (which cost a whopping £150 a night to stay in), then be assured that there are historic villages, hikes and surfs to traverse.

Safari Glamping, Dorset

This glamping site is possibly as close to traditional camping as it gets due to its stripped down, organic aesthetic. Deep within an idyllic 50-acre wooded estate in Dorset, you’ll find sturdy and spacious safari lodges with an en-suite wooden cabin with a shower, toilet and sanitary materials.

Like many glamping sites across the country, Safari Glamping is conveniently located near a plethora of exciting pursuits including shooting, ballooning, archery and a farm.  But where Safari Glamping excels itself is in its Holiday Help service which is tantamount to a concierge service that caters to the guests’ domestic duties, at hourly rates. Specialist activities and additional services are quite costly, but a glamping holiday with Safari Glamping is a safe, plush luxury camping choice.

Dome Sweet Dome Ecopod Retreat, Argyll

Another dome, another eco-friendly outing – only it’s a bit more easy-going and cosy, and its within one of Scotland’s bristling woodlands. Moreover, there’s a more postmodern appearance to these quirky accommodations that brag opulence with luxury cowshed toiletries in the bathrooms, luxury bathrobes and a handmade Japanese cedar soaking hot tub.

Because the retreat is so secluded, guests have to use private charter to navigate to the neighbouring islands to sample the scenery and lifestyle that they render. And, if you have a penchant for the extreme, you can try your hand at ice-climbing, abseiling and whitewater rafting at nearby locations.

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