The Sleeping Bag: A Comprehensive Guide

The Ultimate Sleeping Bag Guide

A good sleeping bag is the difference between a good night’s sleep after a day of fun in the sun, hiking or any other crazy hobby that you can dream up, and a horrible cold night dreaming of being at home in your bed. If there is anything that can... Read more

Want to be a guest blogger for Outdoor Camping Direct?

Want to be a guest blogger for Outdoor Camping Direct?

Are you a keen camping and outdoor activity blogger looking for further exposure? Become a guest blogger on our blog and get your content promoted to our customers. If we find your content original and interesting, we immediately post it on our website and social media presences. Contributors also receive... Read more

Storing Your Camping Equipment Away

Storing Your Camping Equipment Away

The camping season is almost over and our camping equipment is now a nuisance left on our garage floors. But the season shall be back again same time next year. This means we’ll be needing those camping accessories again when the time comes. Cleaning and storing away the gear we... Read more

Top Picks: 4 Mens Lightweight Waterproof Jacket

So you’re looking for an effective, affordable mens lightweight waterproof jacket? The best waterproof clothing is suitable for all seasons and lasts for years with good maintenance. But what if you don’t want to grapple with the technical terms? Everywhere you research it’s Gore-Tex this and Polartec that. When this... Read more

Planning the Perfect Picnic in the Park

Planning the Perfect Picnic in the Park

Planning an amazing picnic in the park takes smarts and patience. Without planning, several things can go wrong that make the occasion one to forget. Though picnics are an easy-going recreational activity, they can be complex to prepare. There are numerous things to remember and lookout for like attendees, dietary... Read more

Your Essential Camping Cooking Checklist

Your Essential Camping Kitchen Checklist

The camping kitchen is an integral part of any memorable camping trip. There is no one way of ensuring an effective camping cooking environment, however. Each kitchen will be slightly different depending on factors such as the type of camping, size of the group and special eating preferences. Still, you’d... Read more

Large Family Tents

Essential Guide to Buying Family Tents

Buying family tents isn’t an easy task. Accompanying the hundreds and thousands of brands and makes is streams of technical information. But the problem is many of us neither have the patience for it all or the specialist large tents knowledge to understand it. As beginner campers, we tend to... Read more

Outdoor Camping Direct's Guide on Types of Camping

Outdooor Camping Direct’s Camping Types

  Outdoor camping is for everybody. And the way it caters to everybody is by offering different formats to suit ever capability level. Whether you’re with the family for a weekend or journeying across a country for a year, be sure there’s a type of camping to for the occasion.... Read more

Staying Cool in your Camping Tent

Staying Cool in your Camping Tent

So you’re going camping in the summer and you’re a little concerned about feeling the heat whilst you’re in your camping tent. Fear not, there are a number of ways that you can enjoy a fulfilling camping outing and return to a cool, comfortable outdoor tent at the end of... Read more

A Beginners Guide on How to Go Camping

A Beginner’s Guide on How to Go Camping

Camping can be so much fun, however if you have not been camping before it can be a little tricky. Our staff here at Outdoor Camping Direct have produced this guide to help make your first time camping a great experience. This guide will aim to make it enjoyable and stress... Read more