About camping on mountains

Camping requires hard work. It’s all about what to carry with you, what clothes to wear, what food to prepare and also, what is must to have. Packing the essentials is something you should really focus on, even if you are going on a short vacation, just to create the habit of remembering what to take with you. And although you might not use all of them at once, you will see they do come in handy when talking survival.

Not taking the right stuff might lead to backaches, frostbites or any other things that may cause your body pain.

So what is the must-have camping gear when going camping on mountains?

In order to fully enjoy the camping trip, we have put together a list of things that are essential to your trip.

Keeping warm

You need to have in mind that the temperature can change very quickly so you will need to be prepared for the highs and lows. Multiple layers of clothes that you can take off / put on depending on the weather are the first on your packing list. The other one is to make sure you have a sleeping bag that is easy to carry and in which you can fully enjoy the view under the stars or place it in your sleeping tent for a dose of comfort and warmth

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The roof above your head

The sleeping bag surely will not be enough and if you going on a more extended vacation, having a camping tent is not something to be missed. They come in various sizes to not to worry if you are a larger group, you can set up all together with plenty of room for everyone

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Light sources

Finding your way through nature is key while camping. So if you get caught on night time, whether it’s hiking or just camping, a lantern is the answer to keep safe. It can also light the way and help you avoid obstacles or dangers that may appear, as well as, help you set up our sleeping spot for the night

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First aid

One vital thing that is worth all the carrying is the first aid kit. It’s a must that you have this and know how to use. The kit should also cover stuff like treatments for blisters, bandages of different shapes and sizes, gauze pads, adhesive tape, disinfecting solution, and pain medication. You might want to read a bit before about the need to know basis in case of emergencies and how to put to good use what you have there

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Knife ready

Another item for every outing is the knife. As it serves multiple purposes, like preparing food, emergencies cases or gear repair, a knife is not something to overlook on your camping adventure. You can opt for either a single knife tool, and you have a variety of model and sizes to choose from, or you can either go for a multi-tool, that includes a knife among other things and can take up less space in your pack, but you come out more prepared

Regatta Camping Multi Tool – Red

Let’s get this fire started

In any case when going camping you will need to light up a fire. Whether you are cooking or lighting it for more heat, you will need to be able to rely on supplies that can cover this need. And while a lighter or matches can be less efficient in case of humidity, they can also be a bit poorly constructed to be trusts in wilderness so to avoid all use, what you will want is a fire starter, which will ignite quickly and sustain heat for more than a few seconds

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Water, and more water

Water is life. So stay hydrated is extremely important on your camping trip. Depending on the lengths of your trip and the temperature, you should consider how many water bottles you will need to carry. A good starting point would be to carry at least one!

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So, regardless how you plan your camping trip, whether it more activities based and sitting and enjoying nature or whether you plan on getting the most of it and do hours of walking and admiring breathtaking landscapes, this list of must-haves is the key to your perfect trip.

Everyone loves the outdoors and taking time to relax, but you should also know to bring with you the right stuff and what to buy when it comes to camping gears.