5 of the Best Family Tents for 2017

5 of the Best Family Tents for 2017

Camping is always a pleasurable activity for the entire family. Whether you’re headed to the rural edges of the big cities, or enjoying the green pastures of a countryside, you’ll need to make sure you’ve made all the right preparations before whisking your family away on an outdoor excursion – and nothing is more important to get right than the family tent.

There are several important considerations that have to be made before investing in a family tent. It isn’t the same as shopping for a backpacking tent or a festival tent. In any case, always keep the occasion you are shopping for in mind when searching for a suitable tent.

Things you may want to consider are weight, resistivity, durability, cost and, most importantly, size. The size of your tent will depend on factors like packing, capacity, living space and size of your pitch. Different variations of these factors will help you to determine the type of family tent that will suit your family and trip. But breaking down the jargon can sometimes be as challenging as the trip itself. So here are some great all-rounder tents that could save you some trouble.

Vango Keswick 600 Tent

As family tents go, the Keswick 600 six-person tent is a tent that offers quality and value. This is a large family tent for larger families looking for a lot of space to accommodate many occupants. Additionally, it has space for equipment and general living room that allows interior activity.

The Keswick 600 is also a stand-up height family tent that will comfortably allow the family to manoeuvre. It also includes an area beneath its awning that acts as a porch. So families can still enjoy the cool, fresh air without the burden of dank weather.

With an all-in-one pitching system, that allows you to pitch the flysheet and inner together, this family tent erects quickly, leaving plenty of time to get acclimated.

Constructed with the finest materials – including Protex 400HH and steel poles – the Keswick 600 is one of the best cheap family tents around. Pound for pound, it is a strong all-rounder.

Vango AirBeam Marisita 600XL Tent

Yet another six-person family tent – but it has been rejuvenated with some snazzy updates on the original Marista design. Now, the brilliant inventors at Vango have introduced a new AirBeam system. The AirBeam system brags increased sleeping (three king-sized bedrooms that can be split to sleep six), living and storage space.

At its highest point, this large family tent reaches up to 230cm. That’s the average ceiling height of the typical room you’d find in your home. And at its widest point it reaches almost double the standing room length making this spacious family tent a comfortable environment.

Setting up the AirBeam Marisita is simpler than ever being an inflatable tent. Its 420 Denier Double-Ripstop polyester flysheet fabric makes this family tent dependable in various climates. The AirBeam Marisita offers great versatility and lots of endearing features. PVC windows and two sizeable doors afford easy access and great ventilation. And, to top it all off, an optional sun canopy can be purchased for UV protection in the peak of summer.

Outwell Vermont XLP Tent

This large family tent is another tent that has been given a bit of a makeover for this year. Now, with additional tweaks, the Vermont XLP has additional appeal to families who are on the lookout for a high level of comfort.

If you’re going to a campsite or location that will experience some challenging conditions, then this family tent could be ideal – particularly given the panoramic views from the panorama windows on show. Come rain or shine, you don’t even have to leave the tent to enjoy the spectacular views of your outdoor surroundings.

Sleeping up to seven behind a 2 + 3 + 2 configurable format, the Vermont XLP is the family tent that allows cable entry points for connection to all of your vital electronics. Family tents don’t come more practical than this one and, given its considerable size, a 45 minute pitching time and uncomplicated structure makes this family tent one of the best camping tents for the family who want to expend their energy on activities instead of worrying about tent snags.

Coleman Carlsbad Fast Pitch 6-Person Dome Tent

The Carlsbad Fast Pitch Dome Tent is chock full of technology that puts it amongst the best family tents available. It is built to ensure a hospitable environment for the fussiest campers – and it does it at a very affordable price.

Its crowning glory is its screen room with Dark Room™ Technology that promises to block up to 98.45 of sunlight. This is especially good for sleepy family campers who enjoy early nights or late mornings. The screen room is especially setup to protect from harsh weather and bothersome bugs; we can believe this if the Carlsbad is trully capable of reducing 11.4% more heat than its predecessors, whilst the awnings over the windows allow warmth in whilst protecting from the threat of rain.

Have it up in no time with its pre-attached poles and hub, fast fit feet and snag-free Insta-Clip™ suspension, use the in-built E-port to get electrically connected to all of your mobile gadgets and all for a budget price that belies the effectiveness and usability of this awesome family tent. Be aware, however, that what this price comes at a cost – most notably in the Polyguard fabric which doesn’t insulate quite as well as some of the offerings.

Regatta 4 Man Vanern Outdoor Family Tunnel Tent

If you just want to break your family camping trip down to the essentials: an ample, comfortable and cheap family tent, then the Regatta 4 Man Vanern is the best family tent of choice by some distance. Its simplicity is its main attraction: it has all the amenities of the previously mentioned tents including dividable bedroom, a roomy living area, an exterior canopy and smartly-located vents and netting that let in ventilation without inviting in the critters outside.

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